Thursday, December 12, 2013

Christmas Scavenger Hunt

Today was the Christmas party for the courtroom clerks. Our boss planned a scavenger hunt to immediately follow work; we would have from 4 to 5:30 to find a list of items for varying points and then return to Gresso's for pizza and drinks. The winner got a prize. All of the things on the list were Christmas related ranging from simple things (green lights on a tree, icicle lights, a nativity scene) to more difficult ones (lit luminaries, a car dressed as Rudolph).
Originally I was teamed with two girls, but my co-workers were afraid Tim wouldn't participate if we weren't on the same team, so I was traded to Craig and Tim's team. It worked out for the best because between Craig's knowledge of the local neighborhood, my camera skills, and Tim's
willingness to be photographed near the items we found, we won! We got to choose between various fragrances of mini candles from Bath and Body Works for our prize, not too shabby. It was a blast, and everyone was talking about wanting to do another one in the future.
It is always fun to go out with your coworkers away from your job site. Without the stresses of work, people let loose and everyone becomes a lot closer. It helped that many of us wore our ugly Christmas sweaters, so we all looked ridiculous together.

RADIO: Cinnamon Bear “Queen Melissa”, Jump Jump and the Ice Queen “The Christmas Tree Forest”, Jonathan Thomas and his Christmas on the Moon “Awake From the Witch’s Spell”

MOVIE: If you've never seen Bad Santa and you're at least 14, you need to see it. It's the most inappropriate Christmas movie I know of, and yet it has a lot of heart. Billy Bob Thornton is great as a drunken, rude, and hilarious Santa Claus at Christmas who uses his knowledge of the mall layout to rob the place at the end of the season. The boy in it breaks my heart with how clueless and completely innocent he is, but everything turns out okay in a twisted way. And it is great even with repeated viewings. 
SONG: Dick in a Box by The Lonely Island featuring Justin Timberlake 
GIFT MEMORY: Gag gifts have always been something to watch out for in my family, but we don't give them very often. Therefore, whenever someone does get one, they're unexpected, and funnier. One of my favorites was the year my uncle Kajun got my cousin Travis an *NSync Christmas CD. It was during the peak of *NSync's popularity, and my cousin was in his rock faze where he listened to a lot of nu-metal. Travis went through a lot of fazes and it was difficult to predict what he would be into at the time, so after many gifts that ended up returned a few days after Christmas, several of my family members resorted to getting Travis gift cards. Not Kajun. Kajun decided that since Travis would return what he got him anyway, he might as well get him something really ridiculous, so he chose *NSync's Christmas album.
I helped my husband and my sister's then-boyfriend Josh piggyback on this idea for my mom one year. We rigged the secret Santa exchange so that they would get my mom's name, meaning they had to buy only for her. They each got her a concert DVD since she likes music, but while Josh got her a country DVD like she requested, Joel got her a Tupac concert. The joke backfired a bit when my mom had no idea who Tupac was and didn't understand that it was a DVD that she would never watch, but the rest of the family got a good laugh out of it. 

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