Monday, December 15, 2014

Relationships, Time Travel, and Christmas

I read a book which was published this year and named best fiction book by Goodreads readers that I would recommend for reading this Christmas. It is called Landline and author Rainbow Rowell does an excellent job of dissecting a crumbling marriage. The protagonist is Georgie McCool and she writers for a television program with her partner Seth. The two get an amazing opportunity to pitch their dream show to network executives, but in order to be prepared for the meeting, Georgie must work though Christmas which causes an eruption from her husband Neal who takes the kids to see his family without her. Georgie then spends the week wallowing in misery, terrified that her marriage is over and grasping at any possible solutions. When she spends some time at her mother's house and stumbles upon the fact that she can talk to Neal in the past through the landline phone in her room, she reflects on their past in order to solve their problems in the present.
This unique book is powerful because of the way it realistically portrays the relationships between the characters, but I especially loved it because it combined several elements I love including time travel and Christmas. Anyone with an interest in these things should love it too. Happy reading!

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