Monday, March 16, 2015


I have never been to Cinefest, but I have always heard good things about it. This year will be the last year this convention is held, so I decided I would find a way to attend.

Conventions are fun whether you know anyone who attends them or not. There are enough movies screened that you could enjoy yourself without talking to a single attendee. But anyone who attends without talking to people is doing himself a disservice. You can watch movies all day long at home. Conventions are places to chat with like-minded fans, and that is what I am most looking forward to at Cinefest.

However, it would be silly to go and not watch any movies. There are quite a few I intend to see, among others, which I have bolded. I hope to see you there!

Thursday, March 19th
9:00 am OUT ALL NIGHT (1933) with Zasu Pitts, Slim Summerville
10:15 am BEST OF MOSTLY LOST III From the Library of Congress (1)
11:05 am YELLOW FINGERS (1926) with Olive Borden, Ralph Ince
1:15 pm TOWER OF TREASURES, RKO TRAILERS Hosted by Ray Faiola
2:15 pm LIFE IN THE RAW (1933) with George O’Brien, Claire Trevor (3)
3:20 pm LAST MAN ON EARTH (1924) with Earle Fox, Grace Cunard (4)
4:30 pm THE ROAD BACK (1937) with John King, Richard Cromwell
8:00 pm IT PAYS TO BE IGNORANT (1948) with Tom Howard
8:10 pm KING OF THE KONGO, CHAPTER 10 (1929) With Boris Karloff
8:35 pm LUCKY BEGINNERS Hal Roach All Stars
9:00 pm RETURN OF PETER GRIMM (1926) with Janet Gaynor (4)
10:10 pm CAPTAIN FLY-BY-NIGHT (1922) with Johnnie Walker, Shannon Day
11:15 pm THE THIRD ALARM (1922) w/Johnnie Walker, Ralph Lewis, Ella Hall

Friday, March 20th
9:00 am SERVICE STRIPES (1930) Vitaphone short with Joe Penner
9:10 am MEN ON CALL (1931) with Edmund Lowe, Mae Clarke
10:20 am ME AND THE BOYS (1929)
10:30 am DICK BANN’S HAL ROACH SHOW #1 Hosted by Dick Bann
1:00 pm STORY OF COLOR IN THE MOVIES Hosted by Eric Grayson
2:30 pm PAINTED WOMAN (1932) with Spencer Tracy, Peggy Shannon (3)
3:40 pm VITAGRAPH VARIETIES From the Library of Congress (1)
4:45 pm SECOND FLOOR MYSTERY (1930) with Loretta Young (3)
8:00 pm BRIDE OF FINKLESTEIN (2015) Hosted by Michael Schlesinger
8:20 pm A SONG IN THE DARK, More Dangerous Rhythms by Richard Barrios
9:35 pm HEART TO HEART (1928) with Mary Astor, Lloyd Hughes (1)
10:40 pm LUCRETIA LOMBARD (1923) with Irene Rich, Monte Blue
11:45 pm RISKY BUSINESS (1938) with George Murphy, Dorothea Kent

Saturday, March 21st
9:00 am SMOKING GUNS (1934) with Ken Maynard, Gloria Shea
10:00 am WELCOME DANGER (Silent Version) with Harold Lloyd, Barbara Kent
12 Noon THE DAWN OF TECHNICOLOR Early Technicolor Musicals
1:10 pm FLORIDA STUDIO FILMS From the Library of Congress (1)
2:15 pm NEW KLONDIKE (1926) with Thomas Meighan, Lilia Lee, Paul Kelly (1)
3:25 pm SEA SORE (1934) with Arthur Tracy, Baby Rose Marie
3:45 pm MY LIPS BETRAY (1933) with Lilian Harvey, John Boles (3)
4:50 pm TESS OF THE STORM COUNTRY (1914) with Mary Pickford (5)
8:00 pm WE WE MARIE (1930) with Slim Summerville, Eddie Gribbon
8:30 pm TEA MAKING TIPS (1925)
8:50 pm SYNTHETIC SIN (1928) with Colleen Moore, Antonio Moreno (2)
10:05 pm THE DANGER GAME (1917) with Madge Kennedy, Tom Moore
11:10 pm BABIES, THEY’RE WONDERFUL (1947) with Patsy Kelly
11:20 pm THREE KISSES (1955) Paramount Topper
11:35 pm THE BACK PAGE (1933) with Peggy Shannon, Russell Hopkin

Sunday, March 22nd
9:00 am THE BIG BROADCAST (1932) with Bing Crosby, Burns and Allen
10:30 am THE AUCTION (2015) Hosted by Leonard Maltin and George Read
12:30 pm ONCE A SINNER (1931) with Dorothy MacKaill, Joel McCrea (3)
1:40 pm CALGARY STAMPEDE (1926) with Hoot Gibson, Virginia Brown
2:35 pm DICK BANN’S HAL ROACH SHOW #2 Hosted by Dick Bann
3:40 pm CODE OF THE SEA (1924) with Rod LaRocque, Jacqueline Logan
4:40 pm THE SEA LION (1922) with Hobart Bosworth, Bessie Love

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