Tuesday, September 15, 2015

TCM Honors Dickie Moore

Set your DV-Rs on September 24th because TCM will honor Dickie Moore that day.

The Star Witness is a must-see, a minor entry to filmland but a charming one, and an excellent display of how cute Dickie Moore could be. He whines throughout it to his older brother idol, and spends a good amount of time with grandpa who entertains him with Civil War stories. Moore and Sale worked together again in The Expert, possibly my favorite Dickie Moore movie. In his book, he remembered the shock of seeing Sale, who was in truth a young man at the time, without his makeup.

Sergeant York was one of Moore's own favorites. He remembered Gary Cooper fondly, who taught him to love the great outdoors.

6:15 AM Three Who Loved (1931)
7:30 AM The Star Witness (1931)
8:45 AM So Big (1932)
10:15 AM Gabriel Over the White House (1933)
11:45 AM The Story of Louis Pasteur (1936)
1:15 PM My Bill (1938)
2:30 PM Sergeant York (1941)
4:45 PM Out of the Past (1947)
6:30 PM Bad Boy (1949)