Tuesday, November 19, 2013

It's a Wonderful Life 2: Lost in New York

They're making a sequel to It's a Wonderful Life?!? What the what?!?

According to Variety, "The sequel, titled 'It’s a Wonderful Life: The Rest of the Story,' is being financed by Allen J. Schwalb of Star Partners who will also produce along with Bob Farnsworth of Hummingbird. The duo are aiming to get the movie into theaters for the 2015 holiday season."
I don't care how much the studio promises the film will retain the sentiments of the original. You don't mess with a classic, especially not one as beloved as It's a Wonderful Life (which wasn't a big success at the box office originally). And how likely is it that a sequel to such a classic would be a financial success anyway? I mean, how many people have actually seen A Christmas Story 2? It's stupid to take the chance, and to risk tainting the original is akin to blasphemy.

Poor Frank Capra must be stirring.

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