Monday, April 26, 2010

Applause for Hugh Hefner

A few weeks ago, I first heard the news that the famous "Hollywood" sign (which once read "Hollywoodland") was in dire need of repair, and if it did not receive such treatment, it would be demolished. My heart winced at the thought of losing such an iconic piece of Hollywood history.

The feeling I had when the sign was destroyed in the wrath of Mother Nature in The Day After Tomorrow was a very real possibility, and it was disheartening.

The price tag kept rising, and things looked dismal. It sounded like I'd be telling my grandkids stories about this wonderful sign of yesteryear that looked over the magical world of Hollywood.

But then it was saved, thanks greatly for a donation by Hugh Hefner, a whopping sum of $900,000.
Now most people have a mild aversion to Hef. They scoff at his involvement with the sex industry and his participation in the "degradation" of women by putting them into bunny costumes and having them escort him around town.

Whatever he does in his personal life is none of our business, really. What he does for Hollywood history, however, is another story.

This man has spent lots of his own money to finance film restorations and documentaries on forgotten stars like Clara Bow and Olive Thomas. And now he has contributed a large sum of money to the preservation of Hollywood history.

My hat is off to the guy. Thank you, Hugh Hefner, for using your money to save the things you love so that future generations can enjoy them too.